Trang chủ Tấm xúc giác 1 – (Nhám 1) – Touch Boards With Box

Tấm xúc giác 1 – (Nhám 1) – Touch Boards With Box

Giá: 834.000 đ 417.000 đ 50% giảm
Mã sp: A080

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Mô tả:

Có năm cặp 10 viên cảm ứng trong một hộp gỗ. Một hộp có chứa hai bộ máy tính bảng hình chữ nhật, bằng gỗ với các lớp giấy nhám khác nhau.

Dimensions: packing size:5.3*5.3*4.7in

Weight: 1.5lb

10 touch tablets in a wooden box.

A box containing two sets of rectangular, wooden tablets with different grades of sandpaper. There are five pairs.


This is an individual exercise to be carried out on the table without a table mat (Note: Full work cycle to be observed). The child should wash his hands in warm water first.


1 The Directress chooses five contrasting sets of touch tablets and sits beside the child.

2 The Directress arrange one set of the tablets and sits beside the child.

3 The Directress arrange one set of the tablets in a column, on the left hand side which we shall call side A.

4 She then arranges the other set in another column on the right hand side, which we shall call, side B.

5 Directress then shows the child how to do the pairing exercise.

6 She uses her left hand to feel the first tablet on side A and keeps the left hand on the touch tablet.

7 She then feels the other touch tablets in turn on Side B with her right hand until she finds the one that matches. The matching touch tablets are placed together, side by side in the middle between the two columns. This process is repeated until all the touch tablets are paired.

8 The Directress may also use the ‘Three period Lesson’ to teach the child the terminology, ‘rough, smooth’.

Control Of Error

That child can check that he has paired the tablets correctly by the different visual appearance of sandpaper.


To refine the child’s control and coordination, while preparing the child for writing.


Using the touch tablets, the child can do an individual exercise and pair the touch tablets. He may use a blindfold if he wishes.

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