Trang chủ Bảng mầu cơ bản 3 – Color Tablets(3rd Box)

Bảng mầu cơ bản 3 – Color Tablets(3rd Box)

Giá bán: 921.000 đ
Mã sp: A072

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Gồm 63 miếng đại diện cho 9 màu sắc trong bảy sắc thái màu đỏ, xanh, vàng, lục, tím, cam, nâu, hồng và xám trong một hộp gỗ. Mỗi miếng đều có khung gỗ bao quanh. Hộp chia thành chín phần có bảy sắc thái chín màu khác nhau: xanh dương, đỏ, vàng, cam, xanh lục, tím, hồng, nâu, xám.

Dimensions: packing size:9.4*9.4*2.3in

Weight: 2.4lb

63 tablets representing 9 colors in seven graded shades of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, brown, pink and grey in a wooden box. Each tablet has wooden frames to facilitate handling.

Box divided into nine sections containing seven shades of nine different colors: blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, brown, gray.


1 The Directress first shows the child how to carry the box of color tablets in front of the child. Directress shows how to take the color tablets out from the box by holding them at the edge with 3 fingers: the thumb on one edge and the 2nd. and 3rd. finger on the other edge.

2 Directress takes one color group at a time and replaces the lid.

3 The Directress starts grading the tablets from darkest to the lightest shades.

4 The Directress may grade another set of color group and then invite the child to grade the rest.

5 Directress may use the Three Period Lesson to introduce the terminology, “dark, darker, darkest, light, lighter, lightest”.

6 The child then grades the tablets. The child may then grade any of the other nine colors, one at a time, until he has completed the box. The child may then use two, three, four,…up to nine colors together.

Points Of Interest

Game 1:
Using Color Box 2, place one of the pair of each color tablets on a table at one end of the room and the other matching tablets on a table at the other end of the room. With a group of children shoe one child a color tablet and ask him to go to the other table and fetch the matching tablet. The child has to remember the color.
Game 2:
Using Color Box 3, place all the tablets out on a table and ask each child in turn from a group of children to go and fetch all the colors of one shade. This is quite difficult as the oranges and pinks can be confusing.
If child can not seem to grade the colors, then do the presentation again or assist the child in grading by selecting the next tablet to be place and then allowing the child to place the tablet in place.

Main Material


Purchasing this will earn you 39 rewards points!

Dimensions: packing size:9.4*9.4*2.3in

Weight: 2.4lb


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