Trang chủ Bảng mầu cơ bản 1 – Color Tablets(1st Box)

Bảng mầu cơ bản 1 – Color Tablets(1st Box)

Giá: 398.000 đ 199.000 đ 50% giảm
Mã sp: A070

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Gồm 3 cặp màu cơ bản: đỏ, vàng và xanh dương trong một hộp gỗ

Dimensions: packing size:4*4*2.4in

Weight: 0.4lb

3 pairs of the primary colors: red, yellow and blue in a wooden box. Each tablet has wooden frames to facilitate handling.


This is an individual exercise, which may be done on a neutral colored mat on the table. (Note: Work cycle to be observed).


1 The Directress first shows the child how to carry the box of color tablets to the table, holding with both hands at the side.

2 The Directress sits beside the child and places the box of tablets in front of the child. Directress shows how to take the color tablets out from the box by holding them at the edge with 3 fingers: the thumb on one edge and the 2nd. and 3rd. finger on the other edge. Avoid touching the colored part of the tablets.

3 All the tablets are removed from the box and placed on the table mat at random.

4 Then the Directress picks up one tablet and asks the child to find another tablet of the same color, and place the matched pairs said by side together. The Directress continues in this manner until the three pairs of tablets are matched.

5 Directress then uses the Three Period Lesson to introduce the names of colors, “blue, red, yellow”.

6 When the presentation is completed, Directress the shows how to put the tablets back into the boxes and then return the box to the shelves, holding the box with two hands.

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